The Buffalo Sabres ended their season Sunday with a 4-2 loss to the Tampa Lightning at the Amalie Arena.

I’d sneak in more insight but honestly I probably didn’t watch eight minutes of game action, thanks to the combination of a thrilling Masters final round and overall sentiment of being appalled with this team’s performance after teasing fans with a playoff run.

Want evidence? I now live within very reasonable driving distance of the Tampa area and could’ve went to this game, for free. After weighing the pros and cons I determined the 2016-17 weren’t worth the gas money and parking fee.

Best move I made this weekend.

William Carrier and Evander Kane scored for Buffalo, who were tied with Tampa at 2-2 before Brayden Point scored with 1:24 left and Victor Hedman adding an empty netter with one second left.

Again, does anyone really care?  Typically when recapping a Sabres, Yankees or Bills game I lead in with a few paragraphs of actual game news before jumping into a series of reactionary bullets.  In this case I’m empty.  I have nothing to say, at least not in immediate fashion. In many ways I’m thankful I didn’t launch this blog until Buffalo’s final weekend of the season. Had I begun in October I may’ve lost my mind by now.

One thing is for certain—significant changes need to happen this offseason. If I’m head coach Dan Blysma I’m not sleeping well tonight.  The Sabres finished 26th in the standings after finishing 23rd last year.

Progress? They literally went backwards.

I’ll have plenty to write about in the coming days, weeks and months.  Right now however, just can’t do it.

Congrats, Sergio Garcia.