It’s another edition of the “Finer Wings Club” on this episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast, and Patrick Moran is joined by WGR 550 Buffalo Bills beat reporter Sal Capaccio for a discussion about wings, pizza, Buffalo, sports and plenty more taped at Sports City Pizza Pub on the west side.

Sal’s the one who first turned Patrick on to Sports City Pizza Pub and Patrick’s blown away by the place, calling it arguably his favorite all-around bar in Western New York.  The wings and pizza are amazing, the craft beer menu is beefy and the appearance/vibe of the place feels comfortable and trendy.

The guys also spend time taking a trip down memory lane, discussing several places and things of Buffalo from when they were growing up, if their feelings about Buffalo changed after both previously spent several years living in Florida, how Sal deals with internet trolls, a rarely heard story about his father involving music, thoughts on Eric Wood returning to call Bills games, a Buffalo Bills player he’s heavily focused on going into training camp and so much more.

Make sure you check out Sports City Pizza Pub, whether it’s for the wings, pizza or extensive craft beer menu.  This place is the truth!


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