It’s Casual Friday on Talking Buffalo Podcast and Patrick Moran is joined by friend and recurring guest Joe Yerdon to discuss the Covid protocol bombshell the NFL dropped this week, Blue Jays ending their run in Buffalo, the Sabres losing Will Borgen with plenty more moves to come, a “Starting Five” draft of sports arena anthems and much more.

Without making being fully vaccinated officially mandatory the NFL is essentially doing that, informing teams that there’ll be no game rescheduling because of Covid outbreaks and if a team can’t play they’ll be forced to forfeit along with neither team getting paid.  Joe has tons of thoughts on that, which of course will lead to tons of Cole Beasley retirement speculation based on his series of recent tweets.

The Sabres lost Will Borgen to Seattle during the expansion draft and Joe has thoughts on that as well as continued rumors on several notable Buffalo trades and of course, the first-round of the NHL draft kicking off tonight.

The guys also discuss the Blue Jays time in Buffalo this season (Joe was at the final Toronto ‘home’ game this week) as well as their weekly draft, this time consisting of sports arena anthems.  Can Joe extend his winning streak to five?

All this and much more.  Follow Joe on Twitter @JoeYerdon.


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