On this episode of the future award-winning Moran-Alytics Podcast, Patrick Moran continues his “Wings With” series while taping episodes at various wing spots in Western New York.  Today he’s joined by Buffalo Bills beat reporter Matt Parrino at Casey’s Tavern in Black Rock for a conversation about wings, the Buffalo fan base, the winning foundation of the Buffalo Bills, what it will take to defeat Houston on Saturday and much more.

You can follow Matt on Twitter @MattParino and check out his work at NYup.com.

Special thanks to Casey’s Tavern for being a gracious host. A longtime staple of Black Rock located on Amherst Street, the bar was recently purchased by a new owner and completely renovated.  The result is one of the Western New York’s best-looking neighborhood sports bars featuring a full game room in the back and a mood menu that obviously includes incredibly tasty chicken wings. Give them a try—you won’t regret it.


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