This is a special “Best of” episode of the Moran-Alytics Podcast, Volume Two.  Podcast host Patrick Moran is in the process of moving so in lieu of new episodes on Tuesday and Friday of this week we’re presenting full length replays of some of his favorite interviews over the first 122 episodes.

Today we’re re-airing not one but two interviews that rank among not only Moran’s favorites but also the most important to date.  First up is an interview with arguably the best known NFL insider in the world, ESPN’s Adam Schefter from back on Episode No. 23 last May.  We learn of Schefter’s entire life story and journey and how a series of “no’s” would ultimately lead him to becoming one of the biggest names and brands in all of sports media.

After that is Moran’s interview with the all-time king of sports agents, Leigh Steinberg.  That interview took place on Episode No. 52 last September. Steinberg, the real-life inspiration for the Hollywood blockbuster Jerry McGuire tells his life story, including how he became a sports agent in the first place.

Both interviews with these legends of the sports world are presented in their entirety.

We’ll be back with brand new episodes of the Moran-Alytics Podcast starting next Tuesday.

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