On this breakthrough episode of the Moran-Alytics Podcast, Patrick Moran interviews one of the most recognizable people in the world of sports, as ESPN’s Adam Schefter joins the show for an extended interview.

Their talk reveals Schefter’s legendary career actually stems from a series of unplanned circumstances.  While it appears Schefter was a prodigy destined to be arguably the most recognizable football media face on earth, that’s hardly the case.  The truth is Schefter was rejected by at least two colleges before getting into Michigan.  He also didn’t go to school with designs of becoming a journalist and only multiple rejections led to him joining the college newspaper. After school he applied to over a hundred jobs without getting a response, and incredibly he joined ESPN only after the NFL Network wouldn’t budge on a mediocre re-signing offer when his contract there expired.

Essentially, Schefter’s success is a story of perseverance and he runs through it all in an interview laced with topics you don’t hear him talk about often.

He also talks about respect and competition among his peers, what it’s like working for ESPN and a bunch of random human interest questions.

And yes, he does answer a couple of Buffalo Bills questions while learning himself that he was indirectly the genesis for the #BillsMafia movement.

Speaking of the Bills, Ryan Talbot (@ryantalbot) of newyorkupstate.com joins the podcast following Schefter for a conversation about the Bills.  He talks about Richie Incognito un-retiring and things for fans to look forward to as  OTA’s get going.


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