On this milestone Episode No. 100 of the Moran-Alytics Podcast, Patrick Moran has an interview with Tim Graham of The Athletic on a variety of topics.

Graham first did the podcast all the way back on the second episode and there’s been much change in his life over the past year. At the time Graham was still at The Buffalo News but a few months after the podcast aired, he moved on to The Athletic as part of an exodus of Buffalo News sports writers who left for a variety of reasons.

Graham tells Moran in detail how his decision to leave went down.

They also spend time discussing the impact The Athletic has made on the sports content consuming community, how reuniting with an old boss helped make the transition smoother, his thoughts on the rise of Athletic teammate Matthew Fairburn, the process of his radio show and defending of colleague Mike Rodak from idiot Twitter troll attacks.

Graham then does the traditional interview-ending “Mini Lightning Round” and we learn among other things what line of work he thought about getting into, the athlete he wish he could’ve covered more than any other, what his favorite Twitter handle is and what three famous dinner guests he’d most like to entertain.

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Immediately following the Graham interview Moran’s joined by Joe (@BuffaloWins) for another installment of “The Run In With Joe.”  Today the guys are dissecting several published reports linking the Buffalo Bills to two premium free agent offensive linemen.  They also debate what method the Bills may use to add talent at wide receiver and tight end, discuss cornerback Kevin Johnson visiting the Bills this week and have thoughts on the re-signing of Jordan Phillips.

Joe also does the Moran-Alytics Podcast Interest Meter, where he scores and offers takes on topics including Josh Rosen, Lebron James, RKelly and Ronda Rousey.

The segment ends with Joe blasting Moran over his previously tweeted Rocky movie power rankings.


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