On this week’s episode of the Moran-Alytics Podcast, Patrick Moran interviews Kevin Smokler, author of “Brat Pack America: A Love Letter To 80’s Teen Movies” (8:29).  They discuss Smokler’s journey to becoming a full-time writer before ultimately penning this outstanding book.  They also talk about some of the 80’s teen movies featured in the book, what some of the reviews say and plenty more.

Then Tone Pucks hops on for their weekly “Pat With Pucks” segment (39:45) to talk the Oscars, his extreme confidence Tyrod Taylor won’t see another snap for the Buffalo Bills, why he likes the Houston Rockets and more before ending things by showing shade at Patrick’s sock game.

The podcast wraps with weekly podcast MVP to a young man who stole the show at the NFL combine over the weekend and LVP to Patrick’s own family and friends for shaming him into doing something he instantly regretted.

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You can purchase “Brat Pack America: A Love Letter To 80’s Teen Movies” by Kevin Smokler on Amazon right here.

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