The Buffalo Bills season remained very much alive Sunday after defeating the Miami Dolphins, 24-16 to move to 8-6 on the season.  Even with a (very very very) likely loss next week at New England the Bills are almost guaranteed to go into a final week rematch at Miami with something to play for.

Hell yeah.

I’m in semi-vacation mode through the holidays while visiting family in Buffalo plus let’s be honest—you don’t really give a shit what I have to say anyway, but I’ve compiled an abbreviated version of thoughts on this important victory that surely gives Bills fans hope to last the final few weeks of 2017.

♦ I’m not moving the needle on Tyrod Taylor in terms of his future with the Bills regardless of this performance. By now we all know what Tyrod is and what, at least as long as he’s in Buffalo will always be.  He’s an above average quarterback who excels in making highlight reel plays with his feet to avoid sacks and deliver improbable positive plays while he often struggles with delivering the football quickly and accurately and occasionally lacks the fortitude to take changes through the air. That’s not going to change and we all know that.  I don’t think he’ll be part of this team’s successes and failures beyond this season regardless of how things play out short of at least one playoff victory.  Having said that, let’s give the man all the credit because he played phenomenally against Miami, particularly in the first half. He led the Bills on first half touchdown drives of 81, 80 and I think 75 yards.  It’s maddening that he can’t play like this with more consistency for if he did we wouldn’t be having weekly 2018 free agent, trade or rookie quarterback discussions.

♦ I’ve really come to love Lesean McCoy, which wasn’t always the case despite his undeniably elite talent. I always felt like he was a guy who felt he was stuck in a bad city on a bad team but rewarded some handsomely financially he’d suck it up and say the right things. Maybe that was accurate at one time but it really seems like he’s come to embrace Buffalo and I genuinely think he’d like to remain here as he helps turn this team around while chasing more historical milestones, such as he did reaching 10,000 career rushing yards on Sunday.

♦ I’m not so sure Kyle Williams won’t be back next year. He’s played well of late, the Bills are going to have plenty of holes to address already in the offseason and he flat-out has earned the right to come back should he chose to.  The pending free agent may very well retire but if he doesn’t he could still have a role in 2018 both on and off the field.

♦ That’s in part because of underachieving meatheads like Adolphus Washington.

♦ Forget his botched onside kick recovery attempt – the Bills really need to find an upgrade at middle linebacker over Preston Brown. If you want to recite his season statistics in regards to tackle I’ll sit here patiently while you tell me the last time the guy has made a meaningful play.

♦ Did I just say meaningful play? That’s turning into Tre’Davious White’s middle name.

♦ Matt Milano on the field is very good.  Ramon Humber on the field is very bad.  Please let’s not forget this again, Leslie Frazier.

♦ Micah Hyde will be going to the Pro Bowl. His safety partner, Jordan Poyer deserves to join him.

♦ I’m going to have to re-watch this game but I have a feeling that unofficial team fan/media whipping boy Vlad Ducasse had a second consecutive “pretty good” game at right guard.

♦ I’m looking forward to seeing what Kelvin Benjamin can give this team when healthy, which is becoming crystal-clear something that won’t be happening until next season.

♦ Travaris Cadet has me close to admitting that I overreacted when the Bills let Mike Gillislee walk..  Close, I said.