On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Joe From Queens returns for the first time in over eight and a half months for plenty of spirited Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres talk in addition to shedding light on the fall out that led to Joe’s long absence.

Behind the scenes issues between Patrick and Joe led to Joe not wanting to be on the podcast for several months and the guys are candid in talking about it, with both sides presenting the personal problems they had with each other during the process.

After the dust settles from discussing the podcast breakup the guys turn their attention to the Bills and Sabres, and Joe has plenty of takes on both of them, including his desire to see Sean McDermott push to have their primary resources directed towards wide receiver and Josh Allen throwing the ball more as opposed to putting money and draft capital more heavily on the defense.

That plus examining if the Sabres drought has been worse than the Bills 17-year drought before 2017, how the card is currently looking for Wrestlemania at this point and plenty more.

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