On this episode of Talking Buffalo, it’s “Fan Friday” and Patrick Moran reads off several comments and questions from fans, including the never-ending Patrick Mahomes vs Josh Allen debate, Buffalo Bills cornerback Tre White’s future and plenty of Buffalo Sabres angst.

During a recent podcast episode conversation with Anthony Marino, both he and Patrick said that they wouldn’t trade Allen for anyone if they were the Bills, same as the Chiefs surely feel about Mahomes. That certainly didn’t resonate well with Kansas City fans. Questions/comments from both ends of the spectrum are represented and Patrick does his best to explain exactly what they meant.

Also, Tre White is asked about as is sixth-round draft pick Christian Benford and a statement about NFL mock drafts. On the Sabres side, plenty of fans are angry at the organization and with good reason–we dedicated an entire episode earlier this week to them being the worst organization in all of major pro sports.

That plus things Patrick wished he had more time for, a song that reminds you of high school, the recent Podcaster’s Roundtable and much more.


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