On this episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast it’s the Randomcast With Joe.   Patrick Moran is joined by recurring guest and friend Joe and the guys hit on a bunch of topics primarily focused on baseball, football and arguing.

Here’s a spoiler alert— Patrick and Joe pretty much disagree on everything and things get particularly heated during a discussion on the significance of the NFL preseason slate being wiped out.

Tim Graham of The Athletic recently published an interview with Buddy Nix where the former Buffalo Bills general manger says that he was very high on Russell Wilson going into the 2012 NFL draft but missed out on him by a half round. The article also features claims from former QB coach David Lee that he badly wanted Dak Prescott in the 2016 draft but Doug Whaley was locked on Cardale Jones.   Patrick and Joe wonder out loud how truthful Nix and Lee are being with their comments.

They also talk about the social and economic windfalls of the Toronto Blue Jays playing their reduced MLB home schedule in Buffalo this summer, Ed Oliver being wrongly arrested a couple of months ago and how it’s more than just the police that are to blame in what’s pretty much a lengthy argument disguised as a podcast episode.

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