Chicken Wing Review/QB Comparison: Potter’s Field

August 18, 2019By Patrick Moran

I’m not sure if Potter’s Field is actually located in West Seneca or South Buffalo. What I do know is I’ve been there probably a dozen times to enjoy several alcohol refreshments, especially annually around St. Patrick’s time.  What I’ve never done is try their wings, or if I have I was blacked out and … Read More

Chicken Wing Review/QB Comparison: Wiechec’s

August 17, 2019By Patrick Moran

The euphoria of feeling like I’m uncovering some of the biggest hidden gems for great wings has been my single-favorite part of visiting so many places during this recurring series.  I’ve been to Wiechec’s in Lovejoy on multiple occasions and for me, their Beef on Weck straight up rivals Bar Bill, Charlie the Butcher, Kelly’s … Read More

Chicken Wing Review/QB Comparison: Wingnutz

August 14, 2019By Patrick Moran

Be patient, wing fans because there’s a lot to unpack with this review than any other. Of all the wing joints in Western New York I’ve tried and with this posting we’re closing in on 60, Wingnutz in Kenmore presents the undisputed biggest conundrum yet. It’s located literally inside the Knights of Columbus and is … Read More

Chicken Wing Review/QB Comparison: Snyder Bar & Grill

August 13, 2019By Patrick Moran

I keep things honest with y’all when doing these. I never even heard of Snyder Bar & Grill in Amherst until Buffalo News sportswriter Jay Skurski suggested we meet up there to have wings before taping a podcast immediately after. I get countless recommendations from fans of places on Twitter and can confidently say this … Read More

Chicken Wing Review/QB Comparison: Bases Loaded

August 6, 2019By Patrick Moran

There’s enough context in the following paragraphs to need a tantalizing lead in.  You already know what’s coming, so just read on already… PROS: These were good wings—well above average. I got both medium and medium Cajun and both were cooked well with a solid amount of crisp without blatantly overdoing it for effect. The … Read More

Chicken Wing Review/QB Comparison: Essex Street Pub

August 6, 2019By Patrick Moran

In the interest of full disclosure I personally know the owner of the Essex Street Pub and have been friends since playing little loop football on the West Side together literally 40 years ago. I taped an episode of the Moran-Alytics Podcast recently here with Joe Yerdon from The Athletic and while most appreciative for … Read More

Chicken Wing Review/QB Comparison: Buffalo Tap House

August 6, 2019By Patrick Moran

Most my wing trips are at least semi planned out.  Buffalo Tap House was definitely not one of them.  After spending a Saturday afternoon on the Hertel Avenue strip with a buddy hanging out at a couple patio bars enjoying the day we eventually ventured towards downtown.  We met up with more friends at the … Read More

Chicken Wing Review/QB Comparison: The Wellington Pub

August 4, 2019By Patrick Moran

I met a friend at the Wellington Pub one week earlier and didn’t have wings, reason being I didn’t see them on the menu and assumed they weren’t available. Perhaps I should’ve read the thing a little more focused because there’s most definitely wings to be had. I went back again the following Saturday after … Read More