On the episode of the Moran-Alytics Podcast presented by Pulse Cellular, Patrick Moran is hanging out and eating wings while taping live from The Audubon North in Amherst with not one but two of his favorite guests. Tim Graham, feature writer at The Athletic and host of the Tim Graham Show on 1270 the Fan joins the show along with Jeff Boyd of the 716 Sports Podcast and also the recurring Big Boyd Theory segment on this podcast for a fun conversation covering a ton of topics.

The guys hit the record button at one of Moran’s favorite spots in all of Western New York for wings and let the conversation fly, warts and all not to mention plenty of patrons eavesdropping in.

The three spend a chunk of time early discussing one of Graham’s outstanding feature stories, a stunningly detailed and sometimes dark look at former professional wrestling star from Western New York, Lex Luger.  Moran asks Graham to detail the process of what goes into producing a long form story like this and Tim provides a lot of insight on several factors that go into making long form stories a winner.

After taking a break to bang out wings and chicken fingers, all three unanimously praise Cajun hot while agreeing the fingers are nothing to sleep on either.

They then spend time talking about The Athletic and Tim details a fantastic story of being responsible for bringing together Matt Fairburn and John Vogl for a meeting last year, one that ultimately became the foundation of an all-star Buffalo media lineup to join online subscription-based publication.  Unsurprisingly throughout Graham’s incredibly candid, as  always when pointing out reasons he left The Buffalo News and what he perceives the big working environment difference between the two.

Of course, The Athletic’s Buffalo division got even stronger recently with the addition of Joe Buscaglia and Graham reveals what makes Buscaglia a special reporter and such a good and credible fit there.

The conversation turns to honest talk about Tim’s interviews with O.J. Simpson and Tim’s radio show before finishing up with some silly random questions before signing off, including karaoke songs Tim and Jeff think they could rock out too.

As we’ve all come to expect, Tim pulls no punches whether the topics are fun or serious.   Jeff, a former college journalism student of Graham provides excellent commentary and insight throughout the episode as well.

Huge thanks again to The Audubon North for being a gracious host on what was a far busier Monday night taping than anticipated.  The wings are very highly recommended so much so that both Moran and Graham put them in their top three.

You can follow Tim Graham on Twitter @ByTimGraham and of course check out his incredibly entertaining work at The Athletic.   Follow Jeff on Twitter at @JeffBoyd716 and hear his work along with the boys at the 716 Sports Podcast.