The Walking Dead, one of my favorite shows that I never actually watch will kick off its eighth season on Sunday night, October 22nd.

AMC made the announcement along with a pretty cool promotional poster of two guys whose identities are completely unbeknownst to me but clearly are not BFFs (editor’s note—it’s Rick and Negan) surrounded by a bunch of people who may or may not actually be dead?

I am aware the show suffered a tragedy on July 13th when stuntman John Bernecker died from injuries after suffering a fall on the set during filming.  Bernecker fell 30 feet onto a concrete floor after missing the safety pad. Production was paused for four days.

Anyway, I don’t watch The Walking Dead but my wife and many friends do—so enjoy the countdown to the newest season of dead people shenanigans.

I’ll be watching Sunday Night Football. I’d say “Go Bills” but Buffalo won’t be sniffing a Sunday night game.