It’s another edition of The Podbag today on Talking Buffalo, the episode where the audience controls the narrative and topics as Patrick Moran responds to several questions and takes from consumers of the show, including who he thinks are the biggest Bills incumbent training camp cut candidates, the importance of Greg Rousseau staying healthy and wondering if Buffalo would/cut support a WNBA team.

Veterans end up getting cut before the regular season every year and the Bills are no exception. Patrick’s asked to name some players he thinks could be in danger of not making the roster and he comes up with four to keep an eye on, including one that’s become a household name around the league and another who was once one of the better trench players in the league.

Also, recurring guest Joe From Queens drew plenty of heat for some of his Bills takes over the past few day and Patrick responds to some of them. How much lesser, if at all is the Bills pass catching group compared to last year?

That plus why Tua Tagovailoa still has plenty to prove for Miami, pondering if the market of Buffalo would support a WNBA franchise, a commitment to more (any) Buffalo Bandits coverage in the future and much more. If you want to be included in next week’s Podbag, leave a comment on any of the full-length show videos on the Talking Buffalo YouTube channel or you can also tweet or email Patrick!


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