On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by recurring guest and frenemy Joe From Queens and Joe fires up the (mostly) Buffalo sports hot take machine, with plenty to say about Stefon Diggs recent comments on Josh Allen and Bills offseason content being boring if not pointless.

Diggs recently spoke to the media in Houston and during his comments took the time to shower praise on his former quarterback in Buffalo, saying he probably wouldn’t be where he’s at in his career were it not for the help of Allen. It’s probably in stark contrast to what a lot of Bills fans assume Diggs feels about Allen, seeing who presumably wanted out of Buffalo this offseason and there’s been reports and plenty of speculation that the Diggs/Allen dynamic had been on shaky grounds for quite a while. Joe also talks about his belief that the majority of Bills fans would like to see Diggs fail in Houston to make them feel better about trading him away—a move Joe continues to think was a mistake.

They also talk about OTA’s, minicamp and other offseason content that Joe regards as mostly a waste of time. It leads to a pretty spirited discussion between the two. They also spend some time talking about the treating of Caitlyn Clark in the WNBA and plenty more. Follow Joe on Twitter @BuffaloWins.


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