On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by frenemy and recurring guest Joe From Queens and today they’re running down and discussing some of the worst contracts given out in franchise history.

Every team around the NFL has given out its fair share of awful contracts and Buffalo certainly is no exception. The Bills have seen many lucrative deals go astray and Joe put in the time to list together some of the absolute worst, leading to discussions that include the infamous guard/tackle big plash free acquisitions of Derrick Dockey and Langston Walker as well as quarterbacks Rob Johnson and Ryan Fitzpatrick that quickly fizzled out after receiving significant contracts.

Defensive line has seen plenty of bad deals and a handful of them are discussed as well, including Marcel Dareus, Star Lotulelei, Dwan Edwards and Larry Tripplett.

Additionally, Charles Clay was a big signing at the time but never elevated the Bills offense. That plus a few recent players being on the list, recollections of the Mario Williams chase, other nostalgia and much more. Follow Joe on Twitter @BuffaloWins.


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