On this episode of Talking Buffalo, the Buffalo Bills will have at least a little more spending money freed up to potentially spend come June 1st in a few days, and Patrick Moran has a list of several potential roster addition candidates to discuss.

The Bills still don’t have a lot of cap room even once they they get the money saved by cutting Tre White with a post-June 1st designation earlier this offseason, but it does at least open up the door to be a little more flexible and add an able player or two to the mix. Buffalo signed defensive end Leonard Floyd on June 6 last year and he paid huge dividend and while that expectation is definitely not there this time around, there’s a few holes on the depth of this roster that could use some polishing.

Patrick focuses on three of them: offensive guard, edge rusher and cornerback and makes a case why Brandon Beane should consider adding to at least one of these position groups if not more before training camp begins. From there Patrick has a list of candidates he can make reasonable arguments as worthy roster adds, including a couple of former Buffalo Bills most fans will surely be familiar with.

That plus a discussion on a few current Bills veterans including Kaair Elam, David Edwards and Casey Toohill.


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