On this milestone 800th episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by writer and sports media personality Joe Yerdon for the first time in nearly seven months to talk about the Buffalo Sabres, Buffalo Bills and plenty more.

After spending some time catching up with fun conversation, they dive into the Sabres and Patrick gets the lowdown on how it was for Joe covering a team full-time this season that underachieved both on the ice and organizationally. Shockwaves were recently sent throughout Buffalo if not the league when Terry Pegula appointed Lindy Ruff the head coach again, several years after firing him. Joe has many thoughts on Ruff once again becoming head coach and that process, if he’s the right guy for the job and if he felt the current crop of players threw now former head coach Don Granato under the bus a little bit in the aftermath of being fired.

They also spend some time talking Bills and Patrick’s always liked talking about the team with Joe because he’s a self noted “Bills follower” not a fan. Joe’s go thoughts on the large volume of big named turnover, if he thinks the offense should be better balanced as opposed to having that true alpha number one receiver, the Super Bowl window for Buffalo still being pretty wide open and a clash this year late in the season between Buffalo and Joe’s favorite team, the Detroit Lions.

That plus elite summertime is coming and tons more. Good to have Joe back for this milestone occasion episode. Follow Joe on Twitter @JoeYerdonsubscribe to his Noted Hockey site on Substack and be sure to listen to Joe and Lance Lysowski’s “Maintenance Day podcast wherever you get your podcasts from.


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