It’s the weekly Podbag on today’s Talking Buffalo, the episode where fans control the topics with their takes and questions for Patrick Moran to reply too, focused (as usual) heavily on the Buffalo Bills.

One question in particular that got Patrick thinking was a question asking who’s going to be the Bills player that has one of those “wow” seasons you didn’t see coming, referencing Terrell Bernard as that guy last year. Patrick’s forced to think long and hard before ultimately coming up with another guy on the defensive side of the ball who may not be that young but definitely still may be ascending and with opportunity is capable of having a monster year.

Also, the Bills signed wide receiver Marquez Valdez-Scantling, which immediately garnered a ton of questions and takes and Patrick has plenty of thoughts on the addition and it becomes pretty evident right away that he’s a fan of signing, citing a handful of clutch performances in the postseason and his speed to be a deep threat as things this Bills offense is in need of.

Patrick also responds to even more Stefon Diggs takes, a fan convinced Buffalo will never beat Kansas City. a fan term Patrick hates, wondering if a free agent veteran may still ultimately return and plenty more.


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