Today on Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is debuting a newly titled segment called “Pod Synergy” in which the narrative of the episode is completely controlled by takes and questions submitted by listeners and viewers of the show.

Previously this was called “Fan Friday” but guess what—- it’s not a Friday and when these episodes will drop will vary so we’re going with a name change. Featured today are several comments/questions from fans about the Buffalo Bills and the recent NFL draft, including a really good question asking how much of a factor, if any was the selection of Keon Coleman in the second round based on his personality and the type of relationship the organization expects Coleman to have with with Josh Allen. It’s certainly a fair point to ponder as it became apparent that what many perceived as the premature trading of Stefon Diggs to the Houston Texans was based in part on a relationship with Josh that may have deteriorated. Obviously Brandon Beane isn’t going to make that high of a selection based purely on personality but to say it didn’t matter would probably be a lie as well.

Also, what specifically did Patrick most like and not like about the Bills draft? What incumbent Bills players were the biggest winners and losers of this latest Buffalo draft haul? Who were the biggest draft steals around the league?

That plus thoughts on Lindy Ruff, a friend of Patrick’s considering him smug and much more today. These fan narrative controlled “Pod Synergy” episode will air semi-regularly with no set dates but you can typically expect them on Wednesdays.


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