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On this rare weekend episode of Talking Buffalo, night two of the NFL draft is in the books and Patrick Moran’s streaming live just minutes after, offering instant reaction to what Buffalo added to it’s roster in rounds two and three.

The Bills stuck to the board with the first pick of round two and went with the 6-foot-4 big receiver from Florida State. Coleman 658 yards receiving and 11 touchdowns with the Seminoles last year and Patrick’s got plenty thoughts on him, including loving the facts they’ll be no “what ifs” with who the Bills wanted at receiver. Just as they could’ve taken Xavier Worthy or Xavier Legette on night one, Beane could’ve taken any receiver he wanted to begin the second round and landed on Coleman. Patrick goes through some Coleman’s biggest strengths (size, competitive, run blocking) and weaknesses (straight line speed, separation skills) and what his fit on this team should be.

No trade up with their second of two second round picks either as Buffalo selected safety Cole Bishop of Utah, marking the second consecutive year Buffalo’s plugged a prospect early from there (Dalton Kincaid). Patrick has thoughts on him, warning that fans shouldn’t expect Bishop to be a plug-and-play starter but he’s a ferocious, fearless and athletic safety that has impact starter potential and reminds him plenty of a young Jordan Poyer.

With their last pick of the night, they stood pat at No. 95 in round three and selected Duke defensive tackle DeWayne Carter. Patrick discusses liking him enough to not be infuriated that the Bills haven’t double dipped at wide receiver and is instead merely disappointed.

Patrick also sets you up for the final day of the draft with some of the best available players positionally for Saturday’s rounds four through seven finale.


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