On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by friend and recurring guest Anthony Marino for their weekly chat, this time focused on at least five non-wide receivers that the Bills could realistically end up selecting with their first pick of the draft, possibly via a modest trade up that may or may not lessen the wrath from fans that Brandon Beane didn’t take a receiver with Buffalo’s first selection.

To preface today’s discussion, the key word is “realistic.” Neither Patrick nor Anthony consider it feasible to trade all the way up in the draft to target a non-receiver such as offensive tackle Joe Alt or edge rusher Dallas Turner. Instead, Anthony lists five guys that are considered realistic for the Bills, whether that’s staying pat at 28 and having a guy fall to them or to make a modest move up–meaning no higher than the very late teens or early twenties.

The list includes two edge rushers, an interior defensive lineman, a defensive back and interior offensive lineman. To reiterate, both guys predict and prefer wide receiver to be the spot but with the position being rich in depth, there’s certainly a possibility the Bills look elsewhere before turning their attention to a pass catcher.

After Anthony’s list, Patrick adds three more of his own with his rationale behind the possibilities. This plus Bills OTA’s starting, moving on from the Diggs Fatigue and plenty more.

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