On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran disputes any (mostly) national narrative that the Buffalo Bills Super Bowl window has formally closed, but discusses how and why there are plenty of reasons to proceed with caution.

Critics and haters alike both nationally and surely some locally have written off the Bills completely after a handful of AFC divisional round face plants coupled with significance player personnel losses over the offseason. Patrick explains why he thinks that foolish on several reasons, ranging of course primarily because of a quarterback as capable of anyone in the sport and a nucleus of teammates that are still ascending and haven’t hit their ceiling yet, plus plenty of guys with leadership material to fill voids such as Von Miller, Taron Johnson, Dion Dawkins and Dawson Knox among others.

That said, it’s fair to argue the Bills have blown incredible chances over the past three years and may not be gifted another opportunity as golden anytime soon. The AFC is stacked and it certainly appears you can add Houston to that mix as well, not to mention Joe Burrow returning to a Bengals team that has owned the Bills over the past two years and of course, back-to-back Super Bowl champion Kansas City that will probably have a significantly better offense than they did last year. Plus, you can’t discount how much talent and veteran leadership the Bills have lost this offseason and regardless of how you feel about Stefon Diggs, his trade leaves a very big void in the offense.

Speaking of, Patrick has some thoughts on Diggs to share of his own after listening to several guests offer those on the show over the past week. That plus why Patrick refuses to ever call Ed Oliver’s contract a bargain, his highs and lows from Wrestlemania 40 weekend and more.


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