On this episode of Talking Buffalo, it’s the third weekly Buffalo Bills mock draft in a series leading up to the actual NFL draft starting on April 25th and for this one Patrick Moran is joined by talented analyst Anthony Prohaska of Cover 1 in a mock that features not one, but two trades with the Washington Commanders.

Of course the Bills fan base and quite possibly the team itself is reeling from the trade of star receiver Stefon Diggs to the Houston Texans. While many are outraged and have seemingly turned on Diggs since the trade in light of learning more about the rocky relationship between he and Josh Allen, Anthony spends time speaking highly of Diggs and his elite worth ethic, even throwing in a Kobe Bryant comparison.

The guys fire up the mock draft and pause at several points, highlighting potential move up spots and ballpark costs to do it. Despite several opportunities, Anthony, playing Bills GM and making the picks ultimately not only decides against trading up, but actually ends up moving back from 28 to 36 after a trade with Washington that nets the Bills a third-round pick. Anthony uses the Bills first pick to take a lightning fast receiver and again passes on the chance to move up in round two, standing pat and coming back with another receiver many would consider borderline shocking to still be on the board.

Anthony goes interior defensive line with the Bills third round pick before bolstering the offensive line and cornerback room with a pair of fourth rounders. They go safety with their first fifth-round pick before executing a trade up, with Washington again to snag a guard Anthony’s high on. They finish off with an edge rusher with their last fifth rounder and a running back project in round seven.

This was not only a great mock draft to follow along to, but Anthony does an amazing job at informing and educating Bills fans of several prospects. That plus a comprehensive look at the trade up options make this mock a must-consume for fans. Be sure to follow Anthony on Twitter @Pro_Ant


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