On this episode of Talking Buffalo streamed live, Patrick Moran is joined by friend and recurring guest Tone Pucks for a plethora of reactions following the Buffalo Bills shocking trade of Stefon Diggs to Houston in early April, discussed objectively from all angles.

It was widely assumed that at least in part because of his contract, Diggs would remain in Buffalo for 2024 before a potential out for Buffalo in 2025. Instead, not only did the Bills trade Diggs along with a 2024 sixth and 2025 fifth round pick to Houston for a 2025 second, they did so without it being a post-June 1 designation, meaning the Bills have decided to eat the entirety of his $31 million in dead cap this season instead of spreading it out over two years.

The guys obviously have plenty to react to, including the timing of the trade, salary cap ramifications and how things got to the point where it feels the Bills became desperate to get him off their team. They also discuss if Diggs demanded a trade before today, how much if at all has his skill set eroded and in some ways is this move a form of addition by subtraction.

They also discuss how the Bills will likely replace him including the now very real option of moving up in the draft to get a top receiver. Also, several incumbent members of the offense will have an opportunity to step up their production as well. That plus how Stefon will ultimately be remembered in Buffalo and tons more on the hells of this shocking offseason trade.

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