On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran has discovered information on several aspects of the PSL and season ticket costs and policies with the new Stadium as opposed to just speculation and shares what he’s learned after talking to multiple sources, demonstrating that at least some of the rumors out there are myths.

Contrary to what a lot of people have said or suggested, it’s not “buy your PSL now or miss out and go to the back of the line.” Patrick explains how that’s working with group and also shares what he’s learned about the financing of PSL’s, including how much of a deposit needs to put down when purchasing them and when the cutoff balance pay date is for these loans, which for the record are interest-free.

Patrick also provides details of what’s being sold and shown to perspective PSL buyers right now, including three club level areas that are going for $50k, $20k and $15k respectively. He also tells you some of the amenities included with these PSL, including a Buffalo Sabres like experience with players going on and off the field and what seats are heated/covered and which ones include food and drink.

That plus how the process is working for those (vast majority) that don’t know when they’ll get their chance to do the Bills Stadium Experience, VIP parking opportunities, being able to downgrade your season tickets and much more.


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