On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by Batavia Daily sports editor Alex Brasky to discuss the Buffalo Bills offense and what we may expect to see from it in 2024.

Last season the Bills departed from being almost exclusively a team that’d see Josh Allen chuck the ball over the field from three and four wide receiver sets. The Bills ran the ball more last year and they played (a lot) more two tight end personnel. There’s a belief head coach Sean McDermott will want even more packages where the Bills are bigger—whether it’s two tight ends or packages that include an extra offensive lineman. Alex has thoughts on what’s likely coming and if it plays to strengths of Allen or if it puts restraints on the type of quarterback he should be.

Also, the guys revisit some of Patrick’s biggest Bills question marks from yesterday’s show and Alex has his own thoughts on them, including Stefon Diggs, Von Miller, Connor McGovern and the defensive tackle position as things currently stand.

That plus some catching up with Alex personally, a little bit of Buffalo Sabres talk as the team’s playoff chances have officially hit life support and more. You can follow Alex on Twitter @AlexBrasky.


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