On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by Zach “Maniac” Sheldon from Trainwreck Sports to discuss several topics focused on the Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres and perhaps some professional rasslin’ as well.

It’s been a little over three years since Maniac’s been a guest on this show and after a few minutes of exchanging pleasantries and small talk, the guys dive into the Bills in what feels like the calm before the storm. NFL free agency starts in less than a week and the Bills still currently sit at around $40 million over the cap. Josh Allen will surely have his deal restructured which will wipe out more than half the deficit, but other moves are going to have to be made. The guys discuss a few things that may potentially happen over the next week and if any of them may come off as big surprises.

They then turn their attention to free agency and their vision on what Brandon Beane realistically can and will be able to do.

On the Sabres front, it’s another lost season as the team’s sitting a full 10 points out of the playoffs with only 20 games left to play. Is Don Granato on the hot seat? Should he be? Could the sudden firing of Lindy Ruff in New Jersey have any bearing on a potential Terry Pegula decision about Granato?

They also talk a little AEW/WWE, give their booking for the main event of Wrestlemania and plenty more.

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