On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran takes issue with negative comments from a lot of fans that followed Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin saying at collectibles event in Pittsburgh that he would love to end his career playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Hamlin, who is from PA and played his college ball at Pittsburgh said that playing for the Steelers has been on his bucket list. To put it mildly, that did not go over well with a lot fans. Patrick talks about some of the reaction he saw on social media, primarily Twitter following the reports of Hamlin’s comments and despises the negativity. He talks about fans and the media wanting players, coaches and executive to be more honest and forthcoming with their comments and analysis and then become hypocrites and get angry when something’s said they’re not wanting to hear.

Patrick defends Hamlin for being honest and also being a good enough football player to conclude he’s not so easily disposable, as some of the Bills fans that are suddenly angry at him think.

It’s a singular topic based on players being honest and the hypocrisy they’re often treated with over it.


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