On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by longtime WGR radio host and Buffalo Sabres intermission and postgame host Brian Koziol for a conversation focused on why the team he covers continue to stuggle.

The Sabres are almost a complete lock to miss the NHL playoffs for a 13th consecutive season, extending their own NHL record for postseason futility. It’s frustrating any season but even more so this time around considering the Sabres were literally just two points away from making the playoffs last season. Brian has plenty of thoughts on why this is happening, including takes on why the team consistently plays better on the road than at home, lack of production from star players, injuries, coaching and an organization that simply hasn’t been able to put things together.

In addition to a little Buffalo Bills talk as well, which includes one pending free agent (Mike Evans) both guys would love to see the Bills go all-in for, they also talk disdain many WGR postgame callers have following Sabres losses and how Brian deals with it, plus some teaching and podcasting talk as well.

You can follow Brian on Twitter @BrianWGR and check him out on WGR-550 Buffalo in between periods and following Sabres games.


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