On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is completely fed up with the ineptitude of the Buffalo Sabres and goes on several tangents outlying why he thinks they are the worst organization not just in the NHL, but of all four major sports.

Over the past few days the Sabres went to Minnesota and beat a tough Wild team in overtime on the road, only to return home and inexcusably lose to a terrible Anaheim Ducks team, a team that actually swept both games against Buffalo. It led Patrick to realizing both games are a microcosm of a Sabres organization that perennially finds ways to blow anything good they got going.

Patrick backs up his case by reciting tons of notes, ranging from their woes this season and going back throughout the entire drought that sees no end in sight. Along the way he throws out a bunch of terrible free agent signings, extensions and trades GMs made, Ralph Krueger playing 30-goal scorers on fourth line and a host of Sabres from the 2015-16 that all went on to achieve great team success— after leaving the Sabres organization.

He also goes through five other major professional sports organizations that deserve consideration but arrives at the conclusion that only the New York Jets even belong in the same conversation as the Sabres. That and plenty more on today’s extremely animated and opinionated episode.


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