On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by friend and recurring guest Anthony Marino from Buffalo Rumblings to discuss the biggest thing(s) that are stopping the Buffalo Bills from getting over the Kansas City Chiefs hump on the heels of the Chiefs winning their third Super Bowl in five years.

Spoiler alert—it’s not Patrick Mahomes being so much (if at all) better than Josh Allen. Not only has Allen led the Bills to three consecutive road wins versus Kansas City in the regular season, but he’s played more than well enough to have deserved a win in Buffalo’s last two playoff elimination losses to the Chiefs. What has killed the Bills, a focal point of this discussion is some of Buffalo’s other star players performing like anything but stars when the games matter most. While guys like Chris Jones and Travis Kelce always seem to rise in playoff defining moments, Buffalo’s key non-quarterback players have faceplanted in the postseason.

The guys also give their takes on if they think players in Buffalo get judged by fans and the media too much for their work in the regular season and not in the playoffs, poor injury luck playing a role in recent Bills playoff exits, a little peak into Buffalo’s upcoming offseason and much more.

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