On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by WKBW-TV sports reporter and anchor Dom Tibbetts for a candid and fun conversation about his life and career through this point.

Tibbetts talks about growing up in the Syracuse area and knowing at a young age that being in sports broadcasting was a dream he was willing to chase. It was a path that sent him around the country before ultimately landing in Buffalo at Channel 7. After college Tibbetts discusses the process of applying for more than 40 jobs before finally getting his opportunity—taking him all the way to Butte, Montana. The guys talk about culture shock living out west and then again in 2020 where Tibbetts’ career took him to Tallahassee, Florida. Dom talks about how big college and high school sports are in Florida and some of the challenges that came with going to a job during the height of the Covid era.

Tibbetts was looking for a chance to get into the Buffalo market and that came in 2022. He talks about how that opportunity came about and with respect to Florida it was an easy decision for him. They also discuss some of his colleagues at the station, peers in the Buffalo sports media market and how for the most part everyone’s friendly with each other.

They end with a “Fun Fact Finale”, which hasn’t happened in a hot minute on this show because it’s been a while since having a first-time guest. Included among the cool things we learn about Dom is his early crush on Shania Twain, a unique go-to snack, a bad habit he calls himself out for and him winning $10,000 and other goodies before as a contestant on The Price is Right.

Be sure to follow Dom on Twitter @DomTibbetsTV and check out the great work he’s doing over at Channel 7.


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