On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran has a series of Buffalo Bills season-endings on the heels of their three point loss on Sunday to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC divisional round. Unlike yesterday’s show where Patrick was reacting in real time just minutes after the conclusion of the game, this time his thoughts are a bit more measured and calculated and after having the (dreadful) opportunity to watch the game tape back.

In the moments that followed Sunday’s loss Patrick said he had very little problem with the way Sean McDermott coached the game. That’s changed after reviewing the tape, and Patrick points out the big issue he has with McDermott choosing to start and stick with unathletic middle linebacker AJ Klein as the injury replacement for Terrell Bernard instead of the mistake prone but far more athletic rookie Dorian Williams. Klein’s lack of speed and overall athleticism stunted the Buffalo defense on several occasions, none so more than when he was forced to cover Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. Patrick also points out McDermott not being aggressive enough with blitzing, even if it’s the human blitz beater Patrick Mahomes back there when it became apparent the Bills couldn’t get to him with four.

Patrick also doubles down on the absolute woeful play of the Bills defensive line and in particular, the disappearing act of Ed Oliver for a second straight season in a Bills elimination loss. The film also shows what Patrick suggested immediately after the game—that Von Miller was actually Buffalo’s most effective defensive lineman.

He also spends some time talking about how in some odd way the season ending is actually a relief to him. That plus Josh Allen, a crazy offseason ahead, content plans for this show, wrath coming for the Buffalo Sabres and much more.


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