On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran provides some instant live reaction just moments after the Buffalo Bills beat Miami, 21-14 to win the AFC east and secure the number two seed in the playoffs.

All season long the headlines have been about the offense, but it was the Buffalo defense that gave the Bills their fourth straight divisional title. Patrick talks about a defense that forced two turnovers for the game and shut Miami out in the second half. Because of that Buffalo will face Pittsburgh next Sunday afternoon in Orchard Park.

Josh Allen put up big numbers but stunk at times with bad turnovers. Patrick breaks down his game as well as several “complimentary” players stepping up—especially Khalil Shakir, Trent Sherfield and Dalton Kincaid.

He also takes a victory lap on pregame predictions of a Dawson Knox touchdown and Deonte Harty busting a long punt return.

Patrick also recounts the afternoon leading up to the Bills game, confessing the unhealthy levels of anxiety he had during the game and how he attempted to combat it, focused around a TV series that’s been cancelled for more than three years. That and much more.


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