On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by longtime friend and recurring guest Tone Pucks for a second consecutive day, this time to have a conversation about Von Miller from both a human and football standpoint in addition to expressing (much) frustration with the Buffalo Sabres.

There’s only so much that can be said with a limited amount of information being made to the public as of this recording, but the guys have opinions on Miller’s present and future with the Bills following his arrest last week, even with the victim almost immediately recanting. They also question, fairly if fan reaction to how the team should handle the allegations would be different were Miller still playing at a high level.

They also talk about the Sabres and a series of woes that have their season already in some trouble before we even get to Christmas. From non-existent offensive production at the bottom of the lineup to playing a small and soft hockey style to a messy goaltending situation, how much criticism does Kevyn Adams deserve for some offseason signings and early season roster management? Can the Sabres hold on until the team gets healthy and can Adams afford to trust youngsters to come up and produce?

That, their long history with fantasy football, Super Bowls and much more. Follow Tone Pucks on Twitter @TonePucksRedux


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