On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is admittedly demoralized, quite possibly as demoralized as the Buffalo Bills themselves after the Bills found a way to add yet another improbable loss to their resume, this time an overtime defeat to the Philadelphia Eagles that has Buffalo’s 2023 season on the brink of full failure.

After a dominating defensive effort in the first half the Bills defense couldn’t make a stop to save their life when it mattered, and for the third time this season the Bills failed to hold a lead inside the final two minutes of the game. Patrick’s got heated thoughts towards head coach Sean McDermott, both for gag jobs as defensive coordinator and head coach. It’s becoming a consensus that McDermott’s taken this franchise as far as their going to go, but is that enough for Terry Pegula to make a change?

Patrick also talks about a bunch of missed opportunities for Buffalo to put the game away, some atrocious individual player performances and equally atrocious officiating, being outkicked and outplayed when it mattered most.

Is the Buffalo Bills 2023 season officially toast? Patrick’s got honest thoughts on that and plenty more.


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