It’s another edition of LIVE from Imperial series on Talking Buffalo, this time with Patrick Moran joined by both Buffalo Bills beat reporter at WGR 550, Sal Capaccio and former Bills Pro Bowl center and current radio broadcaster Eric Wood for a sit-down conversation taped a few nights ago live from Imperial Pizza in South Buffalo.

The guys discuss several topics beyond just what’s going on with the team they cover. That includes Eric’s comfort level rising as he’s transitioned into broadcasting following his playing days, Sal’s new intimate vidcast “Sal’s House” and thoughts on how the national media has treated Stefon Diggs. That plus Eric discusses how teams react and quickly move forward from major injuries, their routine with prep leading up to Bills games, parenthood and much more.

Before that Patrick quickly intros the episode with disgust that the Bills quite literally had to survive the final play of the game to defeat the New York Giants on Sunday night–setting the tone for future episodes coming throughout the week.

You can follow Eric on Twitter @EWood70 plus be sure to check out his “What’s Next With Eric Wood” podcast and pick up his book, Tackle What’s Next.

You can follow Sal on Twitter @SalSports. Thank you again to Imperial Pizza (1035 Abbott) for hosting this live series. Make sure you visit them for some killer food/drinks and great vibes.


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