On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by recurring Joe Yerdon to discuss their biggest takeaways from the Buffalo Bills impressive rout over Miami this past Sunday in addition to examining if Buffalo Sabres top prospect Zach Benson is going to end up making the team’s opening night roster.

Joe covered the Bills game for the Miami Herald and the guys have plenty of significant developments to discuss—including Josh Allen putting himself squarely back in MVP buzz, Stefon Diggs doing what he does best, an unsung offensive line and complete dominance from their defensive front. They also talk about how devastating it is to lose Tre White for the season again, and not just on a football level.

Also, plenty of Sabres including Joe having thoughts on if their prized first-round pick this year ends up starting the year off in Buffalo.

That plus will the Sabres keep three goaltenders again, what’s going on with Juri Kulich and much more.

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