On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by writer and sports media personality Joe Yerdon and they do a segment of “agree and disagree” where Patrick lays out a bunch of (mostly) Buffalo related sports takes and Joe explains why he agrees or disagrees with it.

On the Buffalo Sabres side they go over whether Owen Power will be paired with Erik Johnson as his opening night defensive partner and if Power will get a long-term contract before the season begins in addition to statements involving Victor Olofsson, Matthew Savoie and Jack Eichel. They then switch to football and topics including the Bills winning the AFC east again, if the division is better than the NFC east and if the Bills should be considered overrated if they don’t go further in the NFL playoffs than they have the past two years.

The guys also spend some time talking Sabres TV host Brian Duff, DeAndre Hopkins going to the Tennessee Titans, Don Mattingly and much more.

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