On this episode of Talking Buffalo, this week marks the five-year anniversary of the show and we kick things off with Patrick Moran being joined by Joe Yerdon for their weekly chat, this time focused heavily on the Buffalo Sabres ready to receive their stiffest challenge of the season that’s likely to show if this team’s truly a playoff contender or not.

Starting tonight (Tuesday) the Sabres play four of the best teams in the NHL and two teams they’re competing with for a wild card spot.  They have Toronto (Tuesday), at Tampa (Thursday), at Florida (Friday) and Washington on Sunday and by then we have a clear idea if Buffalo will be in the hunt until the end of the season.  Joe has thoughts on the significance of these upcoming games, where they stand right now, the job UPL’s doing in net and some trade deadline stuff.

The guys also spend a few talking Buffalo Bills and more specifically Tremaine Edmunds, who’s been a polarizing player to discuss over the past few years. Patrick also has a pair of new wing reviews (Sports City Pizza Pub & Sonny Red’s), Joe’s asked personal questions ranging from weird food combinations to getting old and much more.

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