On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by writer and sports media personality Joe Yerdon for their weekly chat, this week focused on the biggest takeaways from Sunday’s Super Bowl as well as the Sabres embarking on a truly critical stretch of their season.

The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles in a thrilling game despite the unsatisfactory finish for anyone but Chiefs fans. The guys spend a few minutes talking about the game as well as the entertainment aspect before getting into some conclusions regarding the Buffalo Bills that can be drawn from watching Kansas City win it all again. Spoiler alert—Patrick’s angry.

They also talk about the Sabres getting ready to play seven games over the next two weeks that’ll go a long way towards determining if the team will be squarely in the hunt over the season’s final few weeks. Joe has thoughts on that as well as why the Sabres have been so much better on the road than home.

That plus Patrick has wing reviews for both Belt Line Brewery and Wingnutz—and plenty more.

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