On this mid-week episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran is in some kind of mood as he sounds off over Christmas frustration, changes leadership needs to make in handling Buffalo severe weather, looters, storm rescue heroes and much more.

Western New York and particularly Buffalo are still reeling from the Blizzard of 2022, now considered by many as the most destructive blizzard to ever hit the city, even surpassing the infamous 1977 blizzard. Patrick has a lot of thoughts on that, how the county can do a better of job of preparing for such a severe storm in the future and plenty of disdain at elected officials for too much civilian finger pointing in the wake of everything.

He also tries to elaborate on some post-Christmas thoughts from a podcast earlier this weeks, goes off on looters, defends the news (somewhat)and plenty more in an emotionally charged episode, the second-last of 2022.


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