On today’s episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran is joined by writer and podcaster Joe Yerdon for their weekly Tuesday chat, this time focusing on the Buffalo Bills falling apart in a shocking loss in New Jersey to the Jets as well as the Buffalo Sabres coming up short on both ends of a two-game road trip over the weekend.

The Bills were two score favorites but played horrendous in their loss to the Jets.  The guys talk about Josh Allen having far and away his worst game of the season but the paling in comparison to his potentially injured elbow, no one on offense other than Stefon Diggs picking him up, getting beat in the trenches and other problems that surfaced for the Bills.

They also talk about the Sabres continuing to play mostly well despite recent losses at Carolina and Tampa. It’s a big week coming up for Buffalo, especially come Thursday night when Jack Eichel and Vegas come to town. All that and tons more.  

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