On this episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran launches the first in what will be an occasional conversation with Buffalo Bills and/or Buffalo Sabres superfans. We really hit it out of the ballpark with this one as Tik Tok sensation and Bills fanatic “The Professor” Nick Harrison joins to talk Bills, Tik Tok, wrestling, positivity and much more.

Nick started Tik Tok when the pandemic hit in 2020. Over time with videos, many focused on superbly re-enacted professional wrestler entrances, he’s built up a cult-life following on the app that has grown over ONE MILLION followers. We talk about him starting on Tik Tok, dominating what’s generally a young person’s game, building up the channel and staying humbled throughout its success.

Of course we also talk plenty of Bills, including how and why Nick became a fan of the team despite being born and raised in Louisiana more than a quarter-century ago, a love affair with the team that still resonates to this day. He also discusses having the opportunity to meet a nice chunk of BillsMafia last Thanksgiving in New Orleans, an experience that nearly leaves his speechless.

They also discuss their mutual love for wrestling, what sets his wrestling Tik Toks apart from the others, involving his students with his videos, being a light of positivity, his goals for the future and much more.  Awesome conversation with one of the coolest guests we’ve ever had on the podcast.

If you’re on Tik Tok and live under a rock, follow him at mrprofessor318 and you can also follow him on Twitter @MrProfessor318.


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