It’s Casual Friday on Talking Buffalo Podcast, which means Patrick Moran is joined by Noted Hockey author and Maintenance Day podcaster Joe Yerdon to discuss several topics, including Joe’s very candid views on the Buffalo Sabres game-night experience at the Keybank Center, anger towards senseless mass murders that keep happening and their “Starting Five” draft of Best TV Villains.

The Sabres recently sent out a survey to season ticket holders asking a variety of questions related to the fan experience of going to a game.  Patrick goes through the list with Joe and asks him for his take on each, which includes questions on the staff, access to several things, food options and giveaways.  Spoiler alert—Joe holds back zero punches.

They can’t help but spend a few of the podcast’s opening minutes addressing their feelings over everything going on in the crazy world as well. That, plus their weekly draft and plenty more.

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