On this bonus Monday episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran is joined by friend, recurring guest and curmudgeon Joe (@BuffaloWins) for a discussion focused on Tyler Dunne’s recent 13 seconds deep dive that featured quotes and information based on several team sources.

It’s been ample time since the Bills gave away an opportunity to host an AFC championship game over those dreaded final 13 seconds in Kansas City, but for many people including the players, the wound is still fresh. The guys talk about several things revealed in the article, including what appears to be a little unhappiness from some players over the lack of accountability Sean McDermott has shown over the loss.  The guys discuss from all angles, including fans who still want more answers as to what happens to critics who simply want to move on, and haters who think Dunne has a personal vendetta against McDermott.

Joe also has strong takes on the local media covering the NFL Draft Combine in Indianapolis, the guys discuss a pair former Buffalo Sabres returning to town for the first time since being traded this week and much more.

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