It’s Casual Friday on Talking Buffalo Podcast, which means Patrick Moran is joined by Noted Hockey author and Maintenance Day podcaster Joe Yerdon to discuss a variety of topics, including Jack Eichel returning to NHL action, Buffalo Sabres general manager Kevyn Adams deserving some credit, the Sabres being fun to watch of late and a “Starting Five” draft consisting of Best TV Couples.

Roughly three months after finally getting his neck surgery Eichel returned to action, making his debut for Vegas on Wednesday night.  The guys have plenty of thoughts on that as well as crediting Adams for some trades that are showing good early returns and the team being worth the price of admission of late, or at least the time devoted to watching them on TV.

They guys also draft their best TV couples, Patrick’s Wordle debut, some Oscar nominated flicks, the four-year anniversary of this podcast and much more!

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